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Hyper-sim X1 High Speed Hair Dryer CFJH006 User Manual English Version


Product Diagram - Details of accessories

Product Diagram - Product structure

Product Diagram – Function description

Product Diagram – Procedure

Gear function
Switch/wind speed gear
Push up and down to quickly switch between two wind speeds.
Before connecting the power plug, make sure that the switch key is in the off position.

Temperature gear

Short press to switch the temperature of "cold air, warm air and hot air". Press and hold for 1~2 seconds to turn on the cold and hot circulation function, cold air for 5 seconds, hot air for 5 seconds. Press the temperature gear again to exit the cycle function.

Air nozzle function

Uniform air outlet
Uniform air flow, stable air flow, uniform stress and heat of hair, protect scalp.

Modeling air outlet
Concentrated ventilation, high-speed gathering. rapid shaping. meet the hair modeling purpose.

Safety instructions
Warning: Do not use this product near the bathtub, shower, washbasin orother utensils containing water.

  • Non professionals are not allowed to disassemble this product by themselves;
  • If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, please contact our customer service team instead of replacing it by yourself;
  • Do not use the product under high temperature or sun exposure;
  • The product must be kept away from strong electromagnetic fields (such as induction cooker);
  • To avoid danger, do not block objects (doth, paper towel, etc.) at the air inlet and outlet.
  • The power cord of the hair dryer shall be prevented from knotting at any time to avoid damaging the power cord.
  • Please unplug the electric hair dryer immediately after use, because even after the switch of the hair dryer is disconnected, there’s still danger;
  • Please prevent hair or other objects from being drawn into the air inlet to avoid danger;
  • To ensure safety, keep the product away from children;
  • Do not touch the plug or any part of the product with wet hands to prevent electric shock;
  • Do not touch the hot surfaces such as the air outlet after use or just shut down to avoid scalding;
  • Do not use universal plug or other voltage converter to use this product to avoid danger.

Common faults and troubleshooting

Cleaning and maintenance
Be careful!

  • The air inlet filter screen of high-speed hair dryer needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid blockage of debris and ensure smooth air inlet.
  • Do not clean the stainless steel filter screen with water, and do not knock the filter screen with a stick, otherwise it may cause failure.
  • Before cleaning the filter screen, make sure that the hair dryer is shut down for a period of time (the air outlet is cooled to avoid discomfort caused by opening the filter screen to emit heat), and the power plug has been unplugged.
  • The filter screen is fixed by magnetic suction. Hold the handle tightly, pull the filter screen down directly and remove it from the handle (or rotate the filter screen to remove it from the handle). Do not hold the air inlet screen vigorously during this operation to avoid deformation of the air inlet screen.
  • Use dry lint free cloth, soft bristles, soft toothbrush and other tools to gently wipe the attachments on the surface of the air inlet filter screen and stainless steel filter screen.
  • After cleaning, align the air inlet filter screen with the handle slot and insert it. When a sound is heard, it indicates that the filter screen is installed in place and completed.