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Stand Garment Steamer GTJH009 User Manual English Version

 Simplus Stand Garment Steamer User Manual 


Ⅰ. Model Specification

Model No.

MFG Code

Rated Voltage

Rated Power

Rated Frequency









Ⅱ. Components and installation drawings


Product Assembly

  • Open the rod lock, stretch theextension rod and ensure that each section (total 3 sections) is fully extended, and then lock the rod lock. 
  • Fully extend theextension rod,align the extension rod with the socket on the main unit and press down until a "click" sound is heard, and installation of extension rod is completed.

Installation method of clothes hanger and ironingboard.

  •  Assemble the hanger on the extension rod in die direction of the arrow, and lock the lock catch.
  •  Place the ironing board flat and assemble, with the feet at the arrow aligned with the corresponding holes on the hanger. Note that the nozzle hanger is on the right side of the front of hanger.
  • Place the ironing board vertically, and the card slot of the ironing board is aligned with the extension rod according to the direction of the arrow. After fitting, hold the extension rod and the ironing board downwards and then slide the buckle position to buckle. Note to check whether buckle in place.




Ⅲ. Product Use

    1. Water tank filling

  • Disconnect the power, hold the handle of water tank and lift it upwards to remove the water tank from the main unit.
  • Unscrew the tank cover to fill it with water. 
  • Screw back the water tank cover, and hold the water tank with the handle, allowing the water tank cover to face down. Observe the filling amount of water and check whether there is water leakage of water tank cover. In case of water leakage, it indicates the cover is not screwed in place.
  • Install the tank back into the main unit. 
  • Align the steam hose nu( with the thread on the upper cover of machine body, and rotate clockwise to fix. 


    2.Connect power

Insert the plug into the power outlet. 

  • Depending on the ironing materials, rotate the gear knob switch on the top of the main unit to adjust to the corresponding gear. 
  • Wait forapprox 35s for the steam nozzle to start spraying steam, and the user can start ironing clothes.

    3. Iron clothes

  • Hang the clothes on the integrated hanger and button the first button on the collar. 
  • When ironing pants, we recommend using the pants clips to hang the pants. 
  • Hold the steam nozzle and maintain it vertical, and avoid pointing the nozzle at people or animals.
  • Fit the steam nozzle to the clothes and iron the clothes downwards.
  • In case of no ironing operations, place the steam nozzle on the steam nozzle hook.
  • During use,some of die steam will condense into water in the hose, causing a "purr" sound

which is normal. In case of this occurrence, straighten the steam nozzle and hose up, allowing die condensate water to flow back into the tank.

  • During use. it is normal that a small amount of steam condense on the steam nozzle panel.




Ⅳ. Product Cleaning and Storage

   1. Maintenance and Cleaning

Simple descaling

This product shall be descaled on a regular basis, and we recommend that you descale once a month.

Clean water tank

  • Remove the water tank from the main unit.
  • Fill the tank fill with water.
  • Shake the tank gently.
  • Tilt the tank to fully discharge the water. 

Main unit descaling

  • Make sure the device is cooled down completely (please wait tor over 2 hours).
  • Pour 400ml of water into the water tank and place it on the main unit, shake the main unit gently and allow the water to fill the boiler.
  • Shake the main unit gently.
  • Open the descaling knob counterclockwise. Tilt the main unit, and fully discharge the liquids. 
  • Screw on the descaling knob clockwise. 

Maintenance is completed.


  • Never inject water through the steam nozzle hole or through the "descaling'' port.
  • Never immerse the steam nozzle in water or other liquids.



Clean the surface of the product with a damp cloth or non-abrasive sponge. Do not use cleaning products, e.g. soap or detergent.

We recommend maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis to prevent excessive dirt build-up inside and outside the product.and avoid contamination to the clothes during the ironing process.



    2. Storage

  • After use. place the steam nozzle on the steam nozzle hook.
  • Rotate the gear knob switch to the off gear and pull out the power plug. 
  • After disconnecting the power supply, fully discharge the water tank and thewater storage tank and flush the water tank to remove impurities in the water tank.
  • When disassembling the extension rod,it shall fully retract each section of the extension rod, and then pull out the extension rod from the main unit. 

Warning:When using the appliance.take care to avoid the risk of splashing of steam.

Warning:The power plug shall be unplugged during filling and cleaning.

Warning:Do not touch the steam shall be cooled down completely.

Handle the device by holding the extension rod,and never lift or handle your device via the hanger  or steam hose

Warning:When storing, do not bend the steam hose, otherwise it will easily cause the steam hose to stick and cause failure of emitting steam.




Ⅴ. Safety precaution


Prior to use of this product, please read this user manual carefully and keep it properly tor future reference.

In case of the following use cases, it is important to ensure that the power is disconnected:

  • When the user needs to leave during use (especially in case of children around):
  • Prior to filling of the tank;
  • Prior to cleaning of the tank;
  • After use each time.
  • During use, take care to avoid the high temperature steam sprayed from this product.
  • To ensure safety, the following people shall receive relevant instructions prior to use of this product to clarify the dangers involved with the product:
  • Juveniles over the age of 12;
  • Persons lacking product knowledge and experience;
  • Persons with physical, sensory or mental disabilities.
  • Do not let children play with this product.
  • Children shall not clean and maintain this product without supervision.
  • In case of product damage, leakage of electricity, or malfunctioning due to dropping, please do not continue to use. To avoid danger, do not disassemble thisproduct without authorization. In case of any problems, please send it to an authorized service center fer testing.
  • In case of power cord damages, to avoid danger, it shall be replaced by the professionalpersonnel of the manufacturer, maintenance department or similar departments.